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During winter, your fleece garments are perfect to keep you warm, and by using Nikwax you can even wear them in the rain and keep dry! Fleece is now used on anything from tops and gloves, to hats and blankets, because it is durable, insulating and comfortable. However, if you get fleece wet then it can hold up to 50% of its own weight in water – this results in fabric weight gain, loss of breathability and extreme discomfort for you.

Polar Proof is a water-based product that will leave a water repellent treatment across all the fabric, whilst maintaining the item’s breathability; this means that moisture vapour can pass through, but water will not be absorbed into the item. The specialist formula also prevents the build-up of pilling (bobbling) on fleece, so your items will have enhanced performance and look newer for longer – you will stay comfortable, warm and most importantly, dry.

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Polar Proof Sachet

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Polar Proof Sachet