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BaseFresh® – the amazing conditioner to keep your base layers odour-free and improve wicking.

The arrival of summer means more outdoor activities, such as running or cycling. However, you also run the risk of getting hot and sweaty and therefore uncomfortable if out in warm sunshine. There is a way to ensure your next-to-skin technical base layers will perform as they should and help regulate your body temperature, allowing you to enjoy your chosen activity. Nikwax BaseFresh is the aftercare product designed especially for such clothing.

BaseFresh is a deodorising conditioner that you can use alongside your normal household detergent. Its specialist water-based formula, which is safe for you and the environment, does not compromise the functions of base layers. It actually improves the wicking of the fabric, ensuring that sweat can spread and dry quickly, whilst removing and combatting the build-up of odours in the fabric. Your base layers remain in perfect condition and you will stay fresh and comfortable when you need it most.

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