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Leather Cleaner

Leather Restorer

Spray-on waterproofing for leather clothing / accessories

Adds water repellency, revives breathability and conditions leather

Benefits of using this product

  • It rejuvenates the water repellency of tired, worn leather clothing and accessories
  • It replaces water repellent finishes and conditions leather
  • It overcomes the problems of gear ‘wetting-out’
  • It prolongs the life of gear and optimises performance in wet weather
  • It’s easy to apply

Ideal for

  • Leather clothing and garments incorporating breathable membranes
  • Leather equipment and accessories

How to apply

  1. Clean the surface first with a damp cloth or rinse under running water to remove surface dirt. Use Nikwax Leather
  2. Cleaner for stubborn marks.
  3. Spray Nikwax Leather Restorer 15 cm / 6 inches from the item
  4. Apply evenly to the outside of the item paying attention to seams and stitching
  5. Rub in well with a lint free cloth
  6. Wipe surface with a clean damp cloth.


  • For leather footwear use the appropriate Nikwax footwear proofer such as Aqueous Wax.

Volume guide

  • 300 ml bottle is enough to restore 1-2 items depending on the condition of the leather being treated and the size of the item.

When to use this product

Always apply this product to used clothing to keep items in perfect water-repellent condition. Remember to clean gear first with Nikwax Leather Cleaner before applying Nikwax Leather Restorer (you don

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