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BaseWash® Travel Gel

Hand wash gel cleaner for synthetic base layers. BaseWash™ cuts odours, speeds drying and keeps you cool.

Do not use on waterproof clothing.

Benefits of using this product

  • Keeps base layers clean and fresh
  • Faster drying and revitalised breathability keep you comfortable
  • Convenient hand wash gel formulated for ease of use while travelling
  • 100ml tube can be carried in hand luggage

Ideal for

Synthetic base layers

How to apply

  1. Wet item(s) fully.
  2. Squeeze approx one teaspoon (5ml) or 10cm/4in length of gel onto each item and work in.
  3. Rinse items thoroughly in clean water.

When to use this product

Clean items with Nikwax BaseWash after garment has been worn next to the skin to soften, refresh and remove odours. Always apply this product to used synthetic base layers to keep items in perfect condition