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Nikwax Polar Proof
When wet, fleeces absorb water and become heavy. A fleece treated with Polar Proof will be 50% lighter than an untreated wet leece. Wet fleeces will also lose up to 90% of their insulation making the wearer feel cold very quickly. Polar Proof will maintain insulation, keeping you warm.

BaseFresh is the deodorizing conditioner for technical underwear, wicking clothing and base layers that:

  • Adds Durable Water Repellency
  • Maintains the breathability of fleece
  • Inhibits pilling of the fleece fabric, prolonging its useable life
  • Safe and easy to use in a washing machine
  • Fluorocarbon (PFC) free

  • It's great for use on...

  • Fleece jackets and clothing
  • Fleece gloves, hats and scarves
  • Fleece blankets