Free yourself from funky smelling athletic apparel!

July 18, 2014 6 By nikwax


Running, hiking, biking, or even hitting the gym are all activities that leave you feeling energized and refreshed…up until the moment that you catch a whiff of something funky. When you realize that it’s your athletic gear you’re mortified. “How can my clothes smell that awful? I swore I just washed them! I guess I’ll give them to the garbage gods.”

Before you throw out your expensive athletic apparel, hear us out! We might be able to help you. Technical or performance fabrics, like polypropylene or merino wool, do a great job of maintaining body temperature and controlling moisture. These fabrics are highly wicking, fast drying, and breathable and will keep you cool and comfortable while you’re pushing yourself to your limit. However, over time a build-up of body oils, sweat, and bacteria will cause your gear to go sour. Continual washing in detergent can impair wicking capabilities and cause the fabric to retain moisture, this can help more bacteria to grow and fester. Gross, huh?

So how do you save your gear from the garbage? Well, for starters, if you are going to use conventional laundry detergent, throw some Nikwax BaseFresh in there too. BaseFresh works with the detergents to remove stubborn stains without compromising the performance of the fabric. BaseFresh also deodorizes and prevents odor build up when in use. It doesn’t stop there! It also enhances wicking properties and increases breathability. It totally refreshes, revitalizes, and renews your athletic wear!

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