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Nikwax launches NEW Cotton Proof

Nikwax today launched a new and improved version of its Cotton Proof product to waterproof all your cotton clothes and kit.

Easy to use in a washing machine at home, Nikwax Cotton Proof will make any cotton fabric water repellent keeping, you warmer and drier when caught out in the rain. Now in a new, improved and three times more concentrated version, users will not only get better performance but also better value for money.

The favourite Spring and Autumn walking trousers for walkers and trekkers these days are made of a cotton / synthetic mix. Equally, cotton wind jackets are becoming increasing popular for summer use. When it rains, cotton and cotton-mix fabrics normally absorb a lot of water and become wet, heavy and cold. A simple application of Nikwax Cotton Proof will add Durable Water Repellency, reducing water absorption, speeding up drying time and keeping you a lot more comfortable.

Speaking from the launch at the OutDoor show, Nikwax founder, Nick Brown said, “We’ve all been caught in the rain in our walking trousers and had to endure cold legs and the restriction of movement that comes with soaked fabric. It’s not pleasant. Nikwax Cotton Proof helps to keep you comfortable for longer, without having to put on heavy over-trousers.”

Cotton Proof has been specifically designed to treat cotton and polycotton fabrics. It will leave a flexible water repellent treatment on the fabric fibres that allows air to pass through. So your clothes will remain fully breathable, water-repellent and less water-absorbent.

As you would expect, Nikwax always puts consumer safety first. Nikwax is the only established aftercare company on the market never to have used fluorocarbons (PFCs) or aerosols. Nikwax Cotton Proof has been developed to the same high safety standards as all Nikwax products.

NEW Nikwax Cotton Proof will be available in 50ml sachets for £1.49. One sachet will proof one garment. It is available now at


Sudan refugees get a helping hand from Nikwax!

Nikwax was approached last year by TchadSolaire, an NGO working to improve the lives of Darfurian refugees in the Chadian desert. The growing refugee camps and the need for cooking fuel has put pressure on the surrounding ecosystem and women leaving the camps in search of wood risk being attacked and raped. The NGO provides refugees and local people with simple but effective solar cookers. Not only do the cookers mean women can feed their families without risking their safety collecting firewood, it also protects the local environment as scrubland is not being destroyed to fuel fires.

These solar cookers are simply made from cardboard and aluminium foil and moisture from spillages and condensation was reducing the lifetime of the cookers. The charity approached Nikwax asking if they could advise on a waterproofing solution. Nikwax has gone one step further and invested time and money developing a new solar cooker waterproofing product. It’s already been delivered FREE to the refugee camps to help waterproof the solar cookers. The unique waterproofing formulation can more than double the lifetime of the cookers and reduce the amount of replacement stoves required.

Nikwax founder, Nick Brown said, "TchadSolaire is doing an amazing job helping to make a real, and lasting, difference to the lives of the Sudanese refugees and we are only too pleased to help. We will continue to help them to waterproof their solar cookers for as long as they need.”


Make your fleece work harder!

In February, Nikwax launched new Polar Proof. Easy and safe to use in the washing machine, it will make any fleece water repellent and maintain breathability, keeping you warm and dry in wet weather, as well as extending the life of your fleece.

When wet, fleeces absorb water and become heavy. A fleece treated with Polar Proof will be 50% lighter than an untreated wet fleece. Wet fleeces can lose up to 90% of their insulation making the wearer feel cold very quickly, unless they have used Polar Proof.

Speaking from the launch, Nikwax founder Nick Brown said, “This is an exciting development for Nikwax. Every household has at least one fleece. Our new product will ensure that all those fleeces perform better.”

Nikwax are aftercare market leaders, and have never used fluorocarbons (PFCs) or aerosols, meaning that you need not worry about using harmful chemicals at home.


Rab and Nikwax; in partnership

We are embarking on a new partnership with clothing company, Rab, to create hydrophobic down.  The waterproof down will be used in Rab clothes and sleeping bags from this Winter, it was announced today.

Talking at ISPO, Rab CEO, Matt Gowar said, “There are many treatments on the market, but when we wanted to develop fluorocarbon free, hydrophobic down, there was only one real choice : Nikwax.  The Nikwax technology will ensure all the down in our garments and sleeping bags will not only be as environmentally safe as possible , but waterproof too. We have been working with Nikwax over several months to optimise the process, to produce a great product.”

Nikwax founder, Nick Brown said, “We are proud that Rab have chosen Nikwax, not only for our exceptional technology but also our environmental credentials.  Nikwax is proof that fluorocarbon free products can outperform other waterproofing products.  There is no reason why brands should be not using fluorocarbon free alternatives.”

Treatment with Nikwax waterproofing will greatly improve the performance of down in damp conditions as the down will absorb less water and dry more quickly than untreated down.  The treatment won’t add weight or reduce the loft. 

The treatment will also be used in Rab’s sister company Lowe Alpine.  Rab will recommend Nikwax Down Wash and Nikwax Down Proof as the only solution to care for all Rab down items.


Nikwax Supports Greenpeace on PFC Pollution
Greenpeace calls for ban on fluorocarbon water repellents (PFCs)

Earlier this week, Greenpeace published a report calling for a ban on all PFCs (fluorocarbon chemicals) in the outdoor industry. Nikwax aftercare products have NEVER contained PFCs because we share Greenpeace's concern that these chemicals pose a risk to people's health and the environment.

PFCs are widely used to provide water repellency on fabrics, but they never fully break down in the environment and have been linked to cancers, reduced fertility and damaged immune systems in children.

Some aftercare brands argue that moving from one type of PFC called C8, to a slightly different version called C6 is the solution. Greenpeace's report makes it clear that that isn't good enough, and that all PFCs present an unacceptable risk. Nikwax fully supports this assertion.

Our founder and CEO, Nick Brown, had this to say about the campaign. "Greenpeace's report highlights a really important issue in our industry. At Nikwax we recognised the risks early on, and have spent the last decade developing PFC-free alternatives. This report will encourage the wider industry that it's time to deal with these chemicals once and for all."

Nikwax-EOCA Conservation ChampionsConservation Champions Nikwax had some fantastic news this year at the annual OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen. Following our long running association with the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), we were named Conservation Champions for our work and support for conservation around the world.

Nick Brown our Managing Director picked up the award from EOCA President John Jansen (Managing Director and Head of Keen EMEA) along with representatives of Original Buff and Wild Roses who were also named as EOCA Conservation Champions.

To find out more about the conservation work that Nikwax is involved in click here.

Kristina from Virginia, Apple iPad winnerWe recently ran a free prize draw open to all of our consumers who updated their contact preferences. The draw has now taken place and we are delighted to announce the lucky winner of a new Apple iPad was, Kristina from Virginia, USA.

"Thank you again...what an awesome surprise!"


The Sunday Times Best Green Companies Nikwax® is delighted to have joined forces with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE). As leaders in our respective fields, we have teamed up to help young people protect themselves and their expedition kit while outdoors. From the extensive Nikwax® range we have chosen six key products that will make any expedition a success; Tech Wash®, TX.Direct®, Footwear Cleaning Gel, Fabric & Leather Proof, Nubuck & Suede Proof, Tent & Gear SolarProof®. Read More


Outdoor Industry Award


Nikwax® has won an OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD for TX Direct® version 11.1. Presented at the Industry's leading European Trade Fair, OutDoor 2011 in Germany, the prestigious award represents innovation and quality and is hotly contested.
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Easier, safer, drierWe've toned up TX.Direct®! TX.Direct® is the world’s no.1 high performance waterproofing for waterproof clothing that is easy, safe and quick to use in a washing machine...
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The Sunday Times Best Green Companies


Nikwax® is Green to the Core! For the third consecutive year, Nikwax® has received a highly regarded Sunday Times Best Green Companies award, which goes to companies that are recognised as visionaries of sustainable, environmental business practices. Nikwax® was founded in 1977 with environmental responsibility
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