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Throughout this summer we are on the #DoMoreWithNikwax Challenge.
Follow for daily updates. We will cycle 7,000km, hike 7,000m and camp across 10 countries!

Taking part are Markus Stitz, Fredrika Ek & Jenny Tough!

United Kingdom | Markus Stitz

First person to ride a backpacking single speed
around the world

Scandinavia | Fredrika Ek

Current title holder European Adventurer of the Year

Central Europe | Jenny Tough

Endurance athlete, whose current project is running solo across a mountain range on every continent

To encourage others to get outside and do more, Nikwax proudly launch the #DoMoreWithNikwax Challenge that will see three world class athletes ride a combined total of 7,000km, hike 7,000m and camp in 10 countries, Europe wide, showing that whatever the weather you can do more, with Nikwax.

We love spending time in the outdoors, just like you, and we want to inspire others to get out and do more, while preserving the outdoors.

This is why we are focusing our efforts on encouraging others to get outside more, whether you take a hike, take a ride, or go camping, and, if you like, put the money you would have spent elsewhere towards conservation through EOCA.




All the information can be found on our blog — Click to read right here!


Nikwax is proud to support the great work EOCA does for conservation in the outdoors.
To read about why Nikwax supports EOCA and their 2 million tree project click here.


Nikwax Philosopy
More than waterproofing...

Nikwax have been making cleaning and waterproofing products for 40 years, to help people enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

  • All Nikwax products are water-based, non-flammable, don’t contain any PFC’s, solvents or propellant gasses. They’re safe for you and your family and kind on the environment.
  • Nikwax is the only outdoor company to receive the
    Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.
  • Nikwax believes that caring for the environment in everything it does is important. So Nikwax have carbon balanced all of its operational emissions for the past 40 years by regenerating and protecting tropical rainforest in partnership with World Land Trust.