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Great reasons why you need to stock Nikwax aftercare

High performance
1 Nikwax high performance is proven by measurable and verifiable scientific testing. 2 The World's No.1 cleaning and waterproofing range, trusted in over 50 countries. 3 A comprehensive range giving you exceptional sales and profitability per square metre all year round. 4 The consumer's favourite waterproofing solution, bringing your customers back to your store time and again. 5 Significant investment into promotional and marketing support provided by Nikwax.

Low impact
6 The safest, most environmentally responsible cleaning and waterproofing range available. 7 The only fluorocarbon free range. WaterBased and free from harmful solvents. 8 No need for heat activation to achieve the best possible performance. 9 The only completely non-flammable range. 10 An environmental record to be proud of. 100% measurable and verifiable.


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Your chance to win Nikwax Down Wash Direct, the specialist cleaner for regular and hydrophobic down filled items, plus you could win a CMP down jacket worth over £130!

Competition runs 1st November – 31st December 2018

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