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Nikwax Cotton Proof - the safe, easy-to-use waterproofer for cotton, polycotton and canvas.

Cotton and canvas are used to make clothing, tents, panniers and more, due to the fabric strength and durability. Plus, cotton is a naturally breathable fabric, which is great during warmer months to help regulate body temperature. However, these fabrics are not inherently waterproof and once wet, take a long time to dry out.

To prevent water absorption, proof your clothing and gear with Cotton Proof. The flexible water repellent treatment will treat all of the fabric easily in your washing machine, or by hand. It allows moisture vapour to pass through, maintaining vital breathability and optimising the item’s performance in wet weather.

Cotton Proof will prolong the life of cotton, polycotton and canvas garments and gear, so you can stay dry and comfortable, whether wearing a cotton top or tucked inside your canvas tent!

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