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Down Wash Direct – the high performance cleaner for down gear

Down is an ever increasing popular choice for jackets during winter – it is incredibly insulating yet also lightweight, which helps for many outdoor activities we undertake. Yet down needs appropriate aftercare, to ensure it is not susceptible to inclement weather and to keep you comfortable through the season.

Down Wash Direct is the high performance cleaner for both regular and hydrophobic down filled items. Easy to use in a washing machine, it will not harm the items like a regular detergent could do. It removes all body oils, dirt and contaminants from the outer fabric and down fill, whilst restoring the durable water repellency. Down filled items are prevented from ‘wetting out’ whilst remaining breathable. As a result, down filled items cleaned in Down Wash Direct will have their effective life prolonged and will help extend the range of conditions in which they can be worn or used.

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