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BaseFresh – keeps you smelling fresh in your base layers and sports kit this season.

If your next-to-skin clothing smells when you wear it, it could be because your normal household detergent is impairing the fabric’s wicking properties. This results in base layer or sports garments retaining moisture and not drying quickly, so bacteria starts to build up and the fabric begins to smell. Base layers are designed to spread sweat over a large area and dry rapidly, in order to regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable.

BaseFresh is a deodorising conditioner that you use with your regular detergent instead of your fabric conditioner. The specialist formula allows the detergent to remove stubborn stains, without affecting the actual performance of the fabric. BaseFresh is designed to revive wicking properties and maintain breathability, so garments dry quicker. Its deodorising capabilities help prevent odour build-up, so you remain comfortable and smelling fresh when being active outdoors!

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