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BaseWash – the high performance cleaner and conditioner for synthetic base layers.

Have you found yourself wearing next-to-skin clothing whilst active, only to find that sweat does not wick away properly, leaving you feeling clammy and smelly instead of dry and comfortable? This could be down to washing your base layers in normal household detergent and fabric conditioner! These products can impair wicking properties, causing your garment to attract rather than repel moisture, whilst body oils build-up in the fabric, resulting in an unpleasant odour.

BaseWash is an effective cleaner and conditioner designed specifically for technical, synthetic next-to-skin clothing. Its water-based formula revives the wicking capabilities of the fabric to ensure that sweat spreads out over a large area and dries quickly, helping to regulate your body temperature. Breathability is maintained, which helps ensure user comfort. The conditioner within BaseWash will freshen your base layers, preventing odour build-up. Your base layers will keep performing when you need it most.

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