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Polar Proof – the high performance waterproofer for your autumn and winter fleece garments.

As we head further into autumn and then into winter, you will be layering up your outdoor clothing more and may well be wearing a fleece mid-layer, hat, or gloves. Fleece is a great fabric for keeping you warm when outdoors, because the fibres trap air which is then warmed by body heat, providing comfortable insulation. However, fleece is synthetic and does not react well if it gets wet. The fabric quickly absorbs water, gets very heavy and will make you feel incredible cold – and damp!

Polar Proof is easy to use in your washing machine and will leave a water repellent treatment all over the fleece fibres. Your fleece items will then keep you dry whilst remaining breathable – so you remain warm and comfortable when being active! Polar Proof also helps prevent the build-up of pilling on the fabric, so your items stay newer for longer.

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