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Tech Wash® — the high performance cleaner for wet weather gear

To ensure your waterproof clothing remains clean and waterproof, you don’t want to wash it in regular household detergent as that will leave water-attracting residues on the fabric, resulting in the durable water repellent (DWR) coating being impaired. A build-up of dirt will also mask the DWR, reducing the breathability of your garments and making you feel uncomfortable as moisture can collect on the inside of them.

Tech Wash is a best seller in outdoor clothing aftercare! Water-based, it is safe for you and the environment, and will work effectively to thoroughly clean your wet weather clothing. It will remove all dirt and contaminants, revitalising the DWR coating and maintaining that important breathability you need when being active. Performance of your waterproof gear is enhanced! Plus, you should be able to clean items 5-6 times before re-proofing is required, so using Tech Wash can save you money!

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