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Down Wash Direct® – effective cleaner for down filled items.

Whether you have a down jacket or sleeping bag filled with regular down (not water repellent) or hydrophobic down (water repellent), looking after it is crucial in order to ensure longevity of the item. Down is delicate, so household detergents should not be used to clean down filled items as they leave behind residues that impair the loft of the down and also any Durable Water Repellency (DWR). Dirt and body oils can also impair the performance of down items – they can wear away any durable water repellent coating, which can leave you vulnerable if caught in the rain.

Down Wash Direct is a high performance cleaner formulated for delicate down filled items. It will clean both regular and hydrophobic down, removing all dirt whilst safely restoring any water repellency at the same time. Down Wash Direct will maintain the natural insulation properties of the down whilst ensuring the items remain breathable and moisture can escape. Quick and easy to use in a washing machine to prolong the life of your down gear – you can stay warm and dry by using Nikwax!

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