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Concentrated Tent & Gear SolarProof® – the high performance waterproofer for synthetic tents and gear.

Synthetic equipment such as tents or rucksacks, tend to be coated with a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment, to provide water resistance in wet weather. However, ultraviolet (UV) light will damage the strength of synthetic fabric (making it vulnerable to tears) as well as destroying its DWR. The performance of such items is impaired, whilst their useable lifetime is shortened.

Concentrated Tent & Gear SolarProof is designed for synthetic textiles and is easy to apply, by hand, to wet or dry fabrics to replenish their DWR, as well as providing high UV protection. For optimum performance, apply Concentrated Tent & Gear SolarProof to an item from new. Dirt will build up through use, however the DWR can be revitalised by cleaning with Tent & Gear SolarWash®. When cleaning alone no longer restores the water repellency, then treat with Concentrated Tent & Gear SolarProof. Its formulation will inhibit the reduction of tear strength caused by UV rays, whilst protecting the fabric from absorbing water. Items can last double their useful lifetime with Nikwax!

Concentrated Tent & Gear SolarProof should be diluted before use – see pouch for details.

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