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Washing Winner!

At the end of 2009 we ran competitions in the UK, Switzerland, Poland and Germany to win 4 top of the range Siemens washing machines with a specific outdoor programme to wash and waterproof outdoor clothes. Almost 6500 people entered - thank you to the 5412 of you who entered in the UK alone! The lucky winners were Morris Don from Louth in Lincolnshire; Tomasz Brodewicz from Gdynia in Poland; Mara Diederich from Berlin in Germany and Karen Boucher from Blonay in Switzerland. There were also 20 runners-up who each won a Nikwax gift pack:

Kendra Florence from Middlesbrough;

Cathy Connor from Taunton;

Rhiannon Hordley from Shrewsbury;

Catherine Fell from Reigate;

William Turner from Cambridge;

Mary Devey from Preston;

Stuart Payne from Bideford;

Kevin Murthick from Durham;

Bruce Turnbull from Somerton;

John Wright from East Halton;

Katharina Schneider from Wien in Austria;

Gustav Kemetmller from Wartberg in Austria;

Sabine Strzelczyk from Vechelde in Germany;

Silvia Heilmann from Engelskirchen in Germany;

Annerose Plls from Grefrath in Germany;

Annegret wiesner from Bottmingen in Switzerland;

Damaris Hochstrasser from Unterentfelden in Switzerland;

Chadia Zalrhi from Bruxelles in Belgium;

Pawel Mista from Wroclaw in Poland;

Jolanta Kacprzak from Lodz in Poland.

Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone who took part!