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Nikwax® launches UV Proof

UV Proof™ is the only aftercare product in the Outdoor trade that combines water-repellency with increased fabric strength, increased resistance to UV degradation, and reduced colour fade, in one very easy to use product. Just one application of UV Proof will double the useful life of a fabric.

UV light has several effects on fabric. Most obvious is colour fade. More important is the unseen damage done to the actual strength of the fabric fibres. A lightweight nylon tent can loose half its strength in just two weeks of exposure to Northern summer sun. Usually only discovered when it rips as you pitch at that idyllic spot for some serious R&R. Another side effect of UV exposure is the negative effect on water-repellency of the fabric. In-depth testing of other products that claim to waterproof and reduce UV damage, has shown that either they provide little or no UV protection or both the UV protection and the water-repellency breakdown rapidly in a matter of a few days. Nikwax® UV Proof™ protects against UV damage and waterproofs, protecting your gear against all weathers.

“We invest heavily in time and money to develop products that actually deliver on the claims that they make,” says Nick Brown, the owner of Nikwax®. “All Nikwax® products have to comply with a series of strict testing methods and the shelf-life is guaranteed for 4 years. Any product that carries the Nikwax® name will keep you dry in the outdoors. UV Proof™ is our latest product offering, bringing important benefits to users of tents and equipment in sunny weather too”.