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Nikwax® Launches New Category of Aftercare Cleaner

Nikwax® launches new category of aftercare cleaner at ISPO 2007, Stand B5 - 226A

Nikwax’s new Wash ‘n’ Wick range represents a new classification of cleaner designed to increase fibres’ hydro-transfer properties of woollen - Wool Wash™ and synthetic - BaseWash™ base layers.
Nikwax® Wool Wash is a new product created specially for cleaning and maintaining the natural qualities of woollen garments - in particular Merino Wool. This new innovation from Nikwax® is a gentle product formulated to clean and soften technical wool base-layers, whilst enhancing wool’s natural wicking properties and in turn accelerating drying times.
Wool Wash™ is recommended for all Merino Wool base-layer, mid-layer garments and socks, such as Icebreaker®, Ibex®, Smartwool® and Patagonia®.

Wool Wash™ is priced at SRP £3.99 for 300ml and SRP £9.99 for 1 litre.
Nikwax® BaseWash™ is a new product created specially for cleaning, freshening and softening synthetic base-layers and socks, whilst enhancing the fabrics wicking properties and accelerating drying times. BaseWash™ is recommended for all synthetic base-layer and mid-layer garments, such as Helly Hansen Lifa®, Lowe Alpine Driflo® and all Nikwax® Parameta® fabrics.

BaseWash™ is priced at SRP £3.99 for 300ml and SRP £9.99 for 1 litre.
Why we have introduced a new category of cleaner?
For comfort and cooling you need the fabric next to your skin to be water-loving or ‘hydrophilic’.
That way sweat can be absorbed by the fabric and spread around your body so that it dries quickly and keeps you cool. The spreading of water through fabric is called wicking. Sometimes body secretions and some cleaners reduce the ability of a fabric to wick and so your clothing feels sweaty. The hydrophilic nature of base layer fabrics, both natural and synthetic, can be enhanced with the right Nikwax® Wash ‘n’ Wick cleaner. Both new products follow the Nikwax® ethos of being environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non persistent, non flammable, non hazardous and fluorocarbon free.