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Nikwax Becomes Carbon Balanced through Conservation and Offsetting with the World Land Trust

At Nikwax, we passionately believe in producing safe, effective products and we take care to avoid using components that have health or environmental concerns.

We continue to reduce our carbon footprint by improving our working practices, but, like all manufacturing companies, Nikwax cannot totally avoid carbon emissions. Therefore, we have decided to offset those emissions with the World Land Trust. But that’s not all …
In addition to offsetting current CO2 emissions, Nikwax will offset historical emissions by pairing up past years. So in 2007 we are offsetting emissions from 1997 and 2007.
In 10 years’ time we will have balanced 20 years worth of CO2 emissions by re-establishing and rehabilitating tropical forests, especially in Ecuador.
And there’s more. Because Nikwax believes that the conservation of standing forests are as important as regenerating forests, we have decided to spend as much with the World Land Trust on conservation projects as on our offsetting projects.
The conservation elements of our donations to the World Land Trust have been put towards the purchase of an 815 acre extension to the Buenaventura Reserve in Ecuador. It will assist in keeping large quantities of CO2 locked in the soil and established plants, as wells as protecting the habitats of rare species of parakeet, tree frogs and other wildlife. So Nikwax has made a significant commitment for the next 10 years to replanting AND conserving tropical forest.
Nikwax chose the World Land Trust because its funds are invested in land purchase of forests which are protected in perpetuity, and restoration of tropical forests where land has been cleared. The World Land Trust is known for its wide diversity of projects, dedication, commitment to education and social responsibility.
Nikwax’s Managing Director Nick Brown says ‘we are working hard to bring global environmental and climate change issues to the forefront, and to effect more positive change. We strive to encourage our retailers, and others in our industry, to follow our commitment and dedication to protecting our planet.’ More recently, Nick been appointed to the Board of the EOG Association for Conservation, an offshoot from the European Outdoor Industry with the objective of conserving and protecting wild areas

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