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Swedish Society for Nature Conservation confirms Nikwax contains Zero fluorochemicals

In recent tests commissioned by The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Nikwax is the ONLY company manufacturing aftercare products found to contain ZERO levels of fluorochemicals.
The fluorinated chemicals were found at significant concentrations throughout a range of well know competitor brands tested and were shown to be persistent in human tissue. This means that our bodies are unable to excrete the chemical effectively, resulting in harmful effects on fertility and hormone functions. These toxins are also a source of spreading environmental pollutants in the air and water.
Nick Brown, Nikwax’s Managing Director said ‘At Nikwax our commitment is to the wellbeing of our consumers and our employees, which is why we never have and never will use fluorinated chemicals in any of our products’.
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, SSNC, is Sweden's biggest nature conservation and environmental organization. They actively work to promote the use of safe working practices and advise on a wide range of environmental issues.
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