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Wax Cotton Proof

Spray-on waterproofing for waxed cotton

Adds water-repellency and restores colour (green). Colours available: Green and Neutral

Benefits of using this product

  • It rejuvenates the water repellency of tired, waxed cotton clothing
  • It replaces lost colour (green only) It replaces water repellent finishes
  • It overcomes the problems of gear ‘wetting-out’
  • It prolongs the life of your gear and optimises performance in wet weather It’s easy to apply

Ideal for

  • All waxed cotton clothing and outer wear
  • Recommended for use on Barbour and Driza-Bone

How to apply

  1. Place clean item on a flat, clean surface
  2. Spray Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof 15 cm away from the garment
  3. Spray evenly to ensure complete coverage
  4. Use a wet sponge or cloth rubbing evenly into the fabric
  5. Wait for 2 minutes and then remove any surplus product with a damp cloth
  6. Check to ensure no areas have been missed

Volume guide

  • 300 ml bottle is enough to proof 1-2 items

When to use this product

Always apply this product to used waxed cotton clothing to keep items in perfect colour and water-repellent condition. Hang-up to dry and touch up any areas that have been overlooked. To maintain the performance of waterproofed gear, refer to care label and clean with Nikwax Tech Wash to remove everyday dirt and contaminants.

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