SoftShell Proof Wash-In


High performance waterproofer designed to enhance performance and revitalize breathability of softshell garments. Easy to use in your washing machine, non flammable and PFC free.

For waterproofing softshells
  • Easy to use spray-on waterproofing for softshell clothing

  • Adds water repellency to the areas that need it most and revives breathability without tumble drying

  • Enhances the performance of your gear, keeping you warmer and drier

  • Recommended for Windstopper®, Schoeller® and all other softshell clothing

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High performance waterproofer designed to enhance performance and revitalize breathability of softshell garments. Easy to use in your washing machine, non flammable and PFC free.

For waterproofing softshells

Why breathability depends upon water repellency...

Breathable softshell garments are most likely to get sweaty and wet inside when used in damp or wet conditions. If the outer fabric absorbs water, the garment can lose up to 70% of its breathability. Therefore, the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) on the outer fabric of your softshell jacket must be maintained to ensure comfort. It will eventually wear off and need to be renewed with Nikwax SoftShell Proof

Softshells provide versatility...

Softshell fabrics combine desirable properties of hardshells and fleeces to improve user comfort while providing protection in most conditions.

Softshells are breathable and stretchy while also being highly water and wind repellent. They fit the shape of the wearer, allow the movement of moisture away from the body and at the same time they shed water and protect against wind chill. Softshells provide a versatile outer layer that can cope with most conditions.

To maintain their water repellency and breathability it is essential that the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating is maintained. Nikwax SoftShell Proof has been specifically formulated to maintain optimum performance of softshell fabrics.

Use Nikwax SoftShell Proof when your softshell garment soaks up water...

Your softshell garment could be soaking up water just because it is dirty. First, try cleaning it with Nikwax Tech Wash®, and if it is fairly new, or recently re-waterproofed, the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) will be revitalized just from cleaning. But, once the garment has been thoroughly worn, you will need to add DWR, using Nikwax SoftShell Proof, after cleaning first with Nikwax Tech Wash®.

Softshell garments need Nikwax SoftShell Proof to maintain performance...

Alternative waterproofing products are often solvent-based aerosols; alternatively, they may be water-based and use PFCs. Aerosol products are flammable. PFCs pose a potential risk to the environment and to the long-term health of the consumer.

Nikwax Softshell Proof is water-based, non-flammable, and PFC-Free. Nikwax SoftShell Proof™ has been specifically designed and optimized for softshell clothing, providing Durable Water Repellency (DWR) while maintaining breathability. Nikwax SoftShell Proof requires no heat to develop its DWR, so it is not necessary to use a tumble drier for best results.

Cleaning properly can be as important as waterproofing…

Using the right cleaning product is as important as using the right waterproofing product. Conventional detergents leave behind a thin water-absorbent film on materials, which masks their water repellency. Therefore, always clean your waterproof garments with Nikwax Tech Wash®. Remember that dirt itself works against water repellency, so regular cleaning will enhance performance.

How Nikwax SoftShell Proof Wash-In protects…

Nikwax SoftShell Proof Wash-In is easy and quick to apply in a washing machine, and its highly effective Durable Water Repellency (DWR) develops on air drying. The washing machine application ensures that the treatment goes right through the garment, treating seams, tapes and cords, as well as the fabric. Also, as the need for tumble drying is removed, this saves energy and protects more vulnerable, older, garments from heat. Nikwax SoftShell Proof Wash-In has been specifically designed and optimized for softshell garments; it leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibers allowing moisture vapor to pass through, maintaining breathability.

washing machineUse Nikwax SoftShell Proof™ Wash-In in a washing machine…

Top Loading Machine Wash:

  1. Place maximum of 3 garments in washing machine.
  2. After the machine has filled add 10fl oz (300ml) of SoftShell® Proof.
  3. Set cycle to Heavy and Warm, Low water level.

Front Loading Machine Wash:

  1. Remove all detergent build-up from the detergent dispenser.
  2. Place maximum of 2 clean garments in washing machine.
  3. Add 3fl oz (100ml) of SoftShell® Proof per garment.
  4. Run 30°C Synthetic cycle and slow spin.

To maintain waterproofing always wash with Nikwax Tech Wash®. Do not use detergents.

By handNikwax SoftShell Proof Wash-In can be applied by hand...

Use gloves

  1. Immerse 1 clean garment in 6L of hand-hot water in a bowl or sink.
  2. Add 3fl oz (100ml) of SoftShell Proof.
  3. Agitate to mix, leave to soak for 5-10 minutes, then agitate thoroughly.
  4. Rinse with cold water until water runs clear.
Nikwax SoftShell Proof treated clothing needs no heat to develop Durable Water Repellency (DWR)…

Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting if care label allows.

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