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BaseFresh® — the deodorising conditioner for all activewear.

We are relishing the outdoors now more than ever and, this summer, all focus is on being active. Your technical base layers wick moisture away from your skin to keep your temperature regulated so you stay comfortable. If you wash your synthetic clothing in household detergent and fabric conditioner you will discover after time they start to smell. This is because the fabric conditioner is not getting rid of the bacteria that causes the odours but, is actually masking it with perfume. Nobody wants to be active if their garments smell!

BaseFresh is the high performance deodorising conditioner that you can use with your normal household detergent. It allows the detergent to remove all dirt and contaminants, but prevents it from reducing the fabric’s performance. BaseFresh enhances wicking, allowing moisture to spread and dry faster, whilst breathability is maintained for comfort. BaseFresh deodorises garments and destroys odour-causing bacteria –so you smell fresh and stay comfortable whilst being active!

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