In our ongoing quest to support outdoor play, plus a nod to our roots in Britain, we at Nikwax are encouraging everyone to take a new look at sports we hardcore types may have eschewed in the past. Today, we golf.

In the realm of outdoor sports like skiing, climbing and mountain biking, the noble game of golf gets no respect. Some may rank it as low as, say, curling and bowling.

Let’s break it down and crack this unfair bias once and for all. Even the venerable Old Gray Lady is celebrating the strength and fitness components of today’s golf culture. The New York Times’ article details the changing fitness regimes of top PGA pros and the traveling workout trailers that accompany the tour.

The fact of the matter is that golf is a heck of a good time. Will it flood your system with endorphins? Possible—when you make that sweet, elusive connection that sends the ball soaring straight and far.

Will it make you sweat? Heck yeah, it will!

Professional golfers are undertaking rigorous fitness regimens, and those workouts require high-tech, active clothing.

As all athletes know, that clothing requires proper treatment to get rid of odors and to increase longevity. That’s where Nikwax comes in with our Base Wash.

But we do more than keep synthetic clothing clean. We are here (at least today) to champion the sport that delivers fresh air, challenge, nature (kind of), agility, fitness, and relaxation.


  • The origins of golf can be traced back nearly 800 years. (By comparison, the origins of biking can be traced back about 200 years.)
  • On an average 18-hole course, you will walk approximately five miles.
  • If a 150-lb person carries their clubs for the duration of the 18-hole game, that person will burn approximately 1,000 calories.
  • Caddyshack is indisputably one of the best sports movies of all time.
  • Golf hones eye tracking and visual acuity. According to the American Optometric Association, visual acuity is critical to performing well in most sports. Eye tracking determines how well your eyes follow objects without turning your head and is critical to develop stronger balance and reaction times.
  • You no longer need to dress like this, but somehow even the coolest golfers can pull off this.
  • Golf strengthens core muscles and encourages spine flexibility and strength, both of which are critical to good health and other activities.
  • Whereas most sport performances are challenged in hot weather, golf balls travel further on hot days.

If you remain unconvinced that you should hit the links for fun – if not for a new sport – we have two last words for you: Cocktail Cart.

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