glovesIf the eyes are the gateway to the soul, the hands are the passages to… well… doing just about everything else. We’re willing to argue that opposable thumbs have given us the biggest leg up in the evolutionary rat race. Come winter, we need to take care of these babies – for comfort, our outdoor fun and fashion.

Take our quiz to determine what your paws are saying about you.

1)    When Bode Miller burst onto the skiing scene sporting mittens (!!), you thought:

  • a)    Finally! I can be warm and be “cool” at the same time.
  • b)    He looks like a platypus on skis.
  • c)    I wonder if needs help pulling on his speed suit.
  • d)    I don’t know how I feel about that.

2)    You get a professional manicure:

  • a)    Whenever your cuticles need some love.
  • b)    Huh? Never.
  • c)    Every week, with a polish change to reflect my mood.
  • d)    Not often. Keep ‘em short and I’m good to go.

3)    You think the best hand covering in history is:

  • a)    Well… there’s knit gloves for town, down mittens for skiing, full-finger gloves for mountain biking, fingerless for road riding… Err, what was the question?
  • b)    A cold beer.
  • c)    Grace Kelly-esque, over-the-elbow satin gloves.
  • d)    A leather work glove that stands up to wear and tear.

4)    Your hands get cold:

  • a)    Often.
  • b)    Never.
  • c)    Whenever I’m not holding a double, almond milk cappuccino.
  • d)    When it’s cold out.

5)    When your hands get cold and you don’t have gloves, you:

  • a)    Reach to hold hands with my sweetie.
  • b)    Shove them in my pockets.
  • c)    Choose a warmer tone of nail polish.
  • d)    Do 20 jumping jacks.

Tally up your answers to reveal your handsy personality.

Mostly A’s. Practicality is your middle name. You’re always invited on hut trips and adventures because you’re well prepared and never complain. It’s likely that you have minor outdoor gear addiction, considering that you always have the perfect item for every situation. Most likely to wear: Whatever is appropriate for the weather conditions and activity.

Mostly B’s. No nonsense for you, Mr. and Mrs. B. You’re a tough son of a gun who won’t tolerate being babied by things like gloves, hats and down coats. When you find something that works, you stick with it. It’s nice that you never seem to get cold, but don’t let that acclimatized comfort override your compassion for those that feel the chill. Most likely to wear: The same gloves all year round.

Mostly C’s. Fashion-forward. You always look the part, even if that means you must suffer for your art. In the outdoor realm, this may mean that your style trumps your physiological needs, which can be a fast track to doing less in the outdoor realm. Just remember, our crew of C friends, confidence (attained in large part by feeling comfortable) is the sexiest look. Most likely to wear: Trendy arm sleeves and finglerless hand/arm warmers.

Mostly D’s. Steady Eddie: you’re competent and aware. You’ll get by on very little, which is environmentally and economically admirable. Just remember that a little flair goes a long way. It’s possible that you may be trying a bit too hard to make it look like you’re bucking the gear-obsessed world of outdoor play. Most likely to wear: Winter gloves that look like straight-up work gloves.

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