Footwear Refresh

Powerful deodorising cleaner designed to freshen and prevent odour build-up in all non-waterproof footwear, insoles, and sandals.

For cleaning and deodorising active footwear, insoles and sandals
  • Cleans effectively and eliminates persistent odours

  • Extends the life of your footwear

  • Recommended for trainers, sandals, insoles, climbing shoes, and all other non-waterproof footwear

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Nikwax Footwear Refresh not only provides high-powered deodorising, it also cleans away the build-up of dirt and body oils, reducing the growth of bacteria which cause odour, and rot materials and stitching.

Why does footwear get so smelly?

Footwear can become smelly due to the combination of sweat and bacterial growth. This is a particular problem for active footwear, as sweat accumulates in shoes providing a breeding ground for bacteria, which break down sweat and skin cells, resulting in unpleasant odours.

Why choose Nikwax Footwear Refresh?

Unlike traditional footwear fresheners, Nikwax Footwear Refresh doesn’t just mask odours. It treats the cause by thoroughly cleaning away the odours and removing the bacteria responsible.

Not only will your footwear smell fresher for longer, it will also last longer as the bacteria doesn’t get a chance to eat away at the material and stitching.

As with all Nikwax products, Nikwax Footwear Refresh is made with care for our natural world

Nikwax Footwear Refresh’s effective cleaning formula does not include any biocides, enzymes or biological agents which means it is kinder to your skin and the environment.

Nikwax is committed to maximising enjoyment of the great outdoors with minimal environmental impact. We go beyond industry best practice to ensure our products continue to be safer for people, and our planet.

We have never used PFAS or aerosol propellants in our products. Our bottles and caps are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

washing machineApply Nikwax Footwear Refresh by hand...

IMPORTANT: Shake bottle before use. Do not use on waterproof footwear.

  1. Rinse with clean water to remove excess dirt and dampen surface.
  2. Apply to insoles, straps and surfaces. Scrub using a clean brush.
  3. Rinse well with clean water.
  4. Allow to dry naturally before use.

Note: Color may run. Test on a hidden area first

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