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BaseWash® – high performance cleaner and conditioner for synthetic base layers and sportswear.

During these warm summer months, it is important that your synthetic next-to-skin clothing wicks away the moisture from your skin when being active. This wicking prevents you from feeling damp and regulates your body temperature (if you stop your activity and your garment is not wicking away sweat, then you can feel cold very quickly). To ensure peak performance of your base layers and sportswear, it is important not to wash them in standard household detergent and fabric conditioner. Over time, a build-up of body oils and bacteria will occur on synthetic base layers, which will lead to garments smelling. Not only does household detergent and fabric conditioner prevent the full removal of this bacteria (simply masks it with perfume), the conditioner will cause the fabric to actually retain moisture – therefore it will not wick sweat away or dry properly, plus, you will notice your garment smelling when in use.

BaseWash safely removes all dirt, body oils and bacteria from the synthetic fibres. It is water-based and contains no harmful PFCs or hazardous chemicals. BaseWash deodorises the fabric and prevents odour-causing bacteria from forming on garments – ensuring that you feel fresh and the smell is banished! The important wicking properties are enhanced, so moisture will spread and fabric will dry quickly to help regulate your body temperature.

Stay comfortable, dry and fresh by using BaseWash on all your base layers and sportswear today!

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