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Down Wash Direct® — the technical cleaner for down filled items.

Now is the perfect time to clean your down filled jacket in preparation for colder weather.

If your jacket is ‘wetting out’ rather than water beading up and running off it, it is likely to be dirty. Dirt impairs its durable water repellency (DWR) causing you to feel damp and uncomfortable when you should be feeling cosy and dry.

Down Wash Direct is a high performance technical cleaner that will revitalise the DWR on your hydrophobic and regular down filled gear without damaging the delicate down fill. Insulation and loft of the down fill is revived, helping you stay warm.

Easy to use in your washing machine, Down Wash Direct will efficiently clean dirt and body oils from the outer fabric and inner down fill, improving performance and extending the lifetime of your jacket.

You can also use Down Wash Direct on down filled sleeping bags!

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