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How to Clean Sandals and Next-to-skin Footwear!

July 5, 2018 6

When the weather is warm, out come our sandals. Unfortunately, after a few wears, foot odor can start to come with them, and over time, our favorite sandals can become our stinkiest. Sweat, dirt, grime, campfire smoke, and other crud can begin to prevent us from feeling as confident in our sandals as we once…

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How to Clean Dirty Hiking Boots

March 6, 2018 9

Hiking boots and shoes are meant to get dirty. A squeaky clean boot is a sign that your adventures are obviously not epic enough. However, in order to prolong their life, it is important to clean your hiking boots when they get dirty. Dirt and caked-on mud can prematurely dry out leather, and can abrade…

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How To Clean and Waterproof Your Leather Gloves!

December 22, 2017 33

You love your leather gloves. They’re durable, flexible, have great grip, and look fly. Did you know that to keep them in tip-top shape you’ll need to clean and waterproof them from time-to-time? You didn’t? Well, let us help you. Allow us to introduce your leather gloves’ new best friend…   Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for…

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How to Wash a Down Jacket

November 9, 2017 17

  Purchasing a down jacket is rite of passage for us outdoor types. It’s the quintessential uniform for all mountain towns, a basecamp buddy, a belay bestie, and a go-to layer for all chilly situations. Buying a down jacket represents achieving the “next stage” of outdoorsiness. Anyone who spends time sleeping, skiing, hiking, or otherwise…

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How to Clean and Re-Waterproof your Rain Jacket

September 28, 2017 42

Over time, rain jackets can lose their water-repellency. Waterproofing doesn’t last forever. Whether from rubbing against a dirty car while packing up groceries, or a muddy dog wanting snuggles, a dirty jacket will stop repelling water.     Luckily, it’s easy to clean and re-waterproof your rain jacket so you can stay dry. The trick is…

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