Announcing the launch of the new and highly anticipated Nikwax oral care line. Tooth Wash® and Plaque Proof® will be available as both stand-alone products and together in a convenient DUO-Pack.

Available April 1, 2023 at your local Nikwax retailer or dentist: MSRP: $24.95.

Proper oral care is an essential component of good physical health. Just as important as getting outside to sweat and soak up nature, outdoorists need to be mindful of proper oral care. Nikwax’s new Tooth Wash is a technical cleaner for teeth that effectively cleans, revitalizes, and restores luster to your pearly whites without harming the enamel. Plaque Proof, when used in conjunction with Tooth Wash, adds plaque repellency and revives enamel. The two products together offer a revolutionary advancement in oral care that replaces brushing—just one wash with each is equivalent to brushing with an electric toothbrush five times, and flossing! With Tooth Wash and Plaque Proof, you can maximize your time on the trail and minimize your time brushing, while simultaneously brightening your smile by 112%!

This couple has been using ToothWash and Plaque Proof consistently for the last six months as part of a very special clinical trial.

“Launching into the personal care market just seemed like the obvious next step for Nikwax, and completely aligns with our long-term strategic growth plan,” said Nikwax NA President, Brian Davidson. “Customers already come to us for fast, easy, and safe solutions to make their gear last longer, so why wouldn’t they look to us for ways to cut their dental care time down so they can continue to do the things they love outside?”

As with all Nikwax products, Tooth Wash and Plaque Proof are water-based, PFAS-free, and come in bottles made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Easy color coordinated packaging—Green for Clean, Purple for Proof, are available now at your local Nikwax retailer or dentist. MSRP: $24.95.

For more information and to locate your nearest retailer, please contact

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