Get your tent ready for camping

It’s nearly here! Camping season is just about upon us. To help you get ready for your upcoming adventures we have created a list of to-do items and top tips for every camper. Prep your camping gear in advance to prevent your first (and subsequent) trips from going off the rails. Here are our top tips:

  1. Make a list of all the things you (and your family) need to have a great trip. This can vary widely from person to person. Perhaps you love camp cooking and can’t live without your portable smoker. Or perhaps you love nothing more than lounging in your comfy camp chair. Making sure you have your favorite gear will go a long way towards making your trip a success.
  2. Pull out and organize all your gear. Yes we mean ALL of it! Before you head out, make sure all your gear is where it should be, clean, and organized. This will make loading up your trunk or rooftop box much easier later on. Putting things in bins or bags also helps for quick packing when you need to get out of town in a hurry!
  3. Clean anything that’s dirty. Did you put things away in a rush last fall? Did someone forget to wash the camp cutlery? Give your sleeping bag and tent a good looking over (and a sniff!) if they look dirty or smell musty, clean them before use.
    • For tents, use Tent & Gear SolarWash. Set up your tent and give the inside a good sweep or shaking out. Then hose down the outside and spray with SolarWash. Rub it in with a clean towel or soft brush. The rinse again. Allow it to dry thoroughly before putting it away.
    • Make sure your sleeping bags are clean, whether they are down or synthetic. Also, give them a good airing out before putting them back into their stuff sacks. Read about how to clean your sleeping bags here!
  4. Make a meal plan. Whether you’re going ultralight with prepared, dehydrated meals, or like to make extravagant camp feasts, making a plan will help prevent any food waste, as well as optimize space in your cooler.
  5. Book your spots. If you haven’t done this already, get on it! Places book up fast and you want to get the prime site.

Thanks for reading our top tips for camping season prep. Now you’re ready for a great camping season! Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

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