Happy Earth Week!

In honor of our esteemed planet, this week we will be offering up tips to help reduce your footprint. Every little bit helps, so grab your Nikwax and follow along! These tips will not only help the earth, but your wallet as well! It’s a win for everyone.

Each day (starting Tuesday) we will have a new blog post with a handy “How-To” tip (using Nikwax), that will help extend the life of your belongings. Keeping items out of landfills, and fighting planned obsolescence tooth and nail, is a huge part of the green revolution. These posts will be featured on our Facebook page and Twitter feeds. We encourage our fans to offer up helpful tips of their own, be they ways to save the planet, or ways to pinch pennies, or both! Also, we will be taking suggestions for topics for our daily posts. We will feature the winning topic in a post on Friday, Earth Day!

But wait… There’s more! We will be giving away two prize packs this Earth Week. One will go to the lucky person who’s blog post idea is chosen. The other will go to a fan who has posted a handy tip, either on our Facebook wall or our Twitter feeds (use @Nikwax). The more tips you give, the more chances you have to win!

Let’s get this party started!

~The Nikwax Team

4 thoughts on “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Rewaterproof”

  1. I have been using cloth napkins for about 10 years now and I use my own cloth bags at the grocery store.

  2. When heading use a nikwax wash to revive a old pair of boots to take as a spare when you get your fancy new ones wet.

  3. I’ve gone all out with canvas shopping bags, reusable bottles, recycling everything I can, a home energy audit, repairing instead of replacing where applicable, and now I’ve gone into worm composting. I’ve taken an old plastic bin punched some holes in it, added red wigglers and my kitchen scraps. Now our garbage output is about one 13 gallon bag every two months. Go earth!!

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