Key states like California and New York are mandating the elimination of PFAS in consumer goods by 2025. This has lead many brands to look for a factory applied industrial DWR that can withstand the demands of outdoor enthusiasts while eliminating persistent PFAS. We are proud to announce that we have developed a high performance, PFAS-free factory-applied Durable Water Repellent (DWR) for synthetic outdoor fabrics. Outdoor Research, our global launch partner, will unveil Direct.Dry on its series for Fall 2024.

“Nikwax Direct.Dry enables us to offer our customers a genuine alternative to conventional DWR treatments, providing them with a high-performing solution that aligns with the growing demand for environmentally responsible products,” says Alex Lauver, Senior Director of Materials Innovations and Sustainability. “Innovation fuels Outdoor Research’s product development, and our collaboration with Nikwax marks an industry breakthrough for PFAS-Free outerwear and apparel.”

Direct.Dry achieves 100, the highest possible rating on the AATCC 22 Spray Rating Test. With a high wash durability, Direct.Dry’s rating stays at 100 after five washes, 80 after 20 washes, and will return to 100 after being treated with Nikwax technical washes and waterproofers.

“We have been perfecting PFAS-free waterproofing solutions for over four decades,” said Brian Davidson, President of Nikwax North America. “We are very pleased to be able to apply that expertise to an industrial DWR to help our partners make the transition away from PFAS in their manufacturing process.”

Sustainability and circularity are top-of-mind for many outdoor enthusiasts and brands as recent legislation has accelerated the industry’s quest for PFAS-free solutions. In addition to seeking alternatives to harmful PFAS chemicals, brands are simultaneously looking for ways to maintain high performance while helping the gear last longer. For 46 years, Nikwax has offered a full range of aftercare solutions that are easy to use, PFAS-free, and durable. Now, Nikwax is offering a factory applied DWR that is complimented by a well-known and trusted aftercare line.

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