It’s an epidemic! Active people around the globe are trudging shamefully around with rotten, offensive smelling athletic wear.

Conventional laundry detergents impair the wicking ability of technical next-to-skin garments and do not always remove offensive odors. Thousands of garments have ended up in the garbage and thousands more sad and disappointed runners, skiers, bikers, and other athletic types are left wondering, “Why? Why, can’t I just get the smell out? And why don’t my clothes wick like they used to?”

After years of trial and error, the brilliant scientists at Nikwax came up with and effective, easy to use way to save your athletic apparel. We’re proud to introduce, BaseFresh!

Say so long to having to separate your laundry! BaseFresh is an additive that you use with your regular detergent. No need to do a special load for your workout clothes. Simply add BaseFresh to your fabric softener tray when you wash any laundry load. BaseFresh improves wicking ability, drying time AND it removes that horrible odor from your base layers or athletic wear!

Would you like to see the odor removing powers of BaseFresh?  Watch our BaseFresh Smell Challenge here.


Want to learn more about the wonders of BaseFresh?  Visit our website!

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