wet-buttThis past weekend, jonesing for some powder, I followed the snow to Mount Baker ski area. It was a wise choice. Mount Baker, known widely for its world record snowfall of 1140 inches in one season, was covered. It was dumping when I arrived, but it was a soggy snow down low, as the temps were hanging around 32 degrees at the base. I have no problem with Cascade concrete (as it can be half-affectionately called). Having been raised in New England, I enjoy anything that isn’t ice.

I began my runs on the hill and immediately noticed the lift operators doing an admirable job of frantically trying to clear the chairs of the ever prevalent slosh. Their efforts, however, were futile. Wet butt was running rampant all over the mountain. The amount of soggy tushes was almost comedic. I wanted to take some pictures so I could show the world, but thought it might be a tad creepy. Instead, I will outline how to prevent the wet butt epidemic in your household.

manky-to-swanky_blogNote: Before doing anything, always check your garment’s care label!

Step 1.

Wash your ski pants! Dirt, oil, and other crud can all attribute to a sopping behind. They mask the DWR (durable water repellency), so by washing you remove that offending filth. Use a technical cleaner like Tech Wash, as household detergents can leave behind water-attracting residue, and that means, you guessed it, wet butt!

(Even if you’re a seasoned pro who never falls, your pants can get dirty. Getting those skis off your roof rack? Rubbing against a dirt and slush-covered car is a good way to get grubby.)

Step 2.

Throw your pants in the dryer- if your care labels allows! The factory applied DWR can sometimes be rejuvenated by heat.

Step 3.

If the following two steps did not resurrect the waterproofing on your pants, add more! Use a product like TX.Direct. After cleaning, run a separate load in your washer with TX.Direct. Then, simply hang to dry or put them in the dryer. Nikwax waterproofing does NOT need heat to activate, so no need to dry if you don’t want.

Step 4.

Go shred! Laugh at all those poor souls, doomed to saturated seats. Or, you could pass along your superior technical product care knowledge.

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