Fleece jackets are a favorite once the temperatures start dropping. They’re versatile, cozy, and even stylish now thanks to the Patagonia Synchilla® Snap-T. But how do you properly wash these fuzzy layers? It’s quite easy to clean fleece, and if you use proper care, you can help your fleece item stay clean and toasty. Read on to learn how to both clean fleece, and also add water-repellency to keep you extra dry!


  1. Ensure all pockets are empty before washing. Nothing will bum you out more than having to pick shredded tissue out of the fleece pile.
  2. Check the care label on the item. Fleece is fairly low maintenance, but it is important to make certain it is acceptable to machine wash your fleece, and at what temperature. We’ve included a handy chart below to help you decipher the care label hieroglyphics.
  3. Add your fleece item(s) to the washing machine. You can wash jackets, pullovers, hats, gloves, even blankets!
  4. Clean out your detergent dispenser! This is good practice anyway, and it will help when we add water-repellency later. Household detergents leave behind residues that attract water to items, so if you want to help your fleece perform its best, get rid of any detergent leftovers.
  5. Add Nikwax Tech Wash instead of regular detergent. Nikwax Tech Wash will help your fleece jacket maintain its water-repellency.
  6. Wash!
Tech Wash: Great for all your outerwear!

Adding Water-Repellency

This step is optional, but who doesn’t want their fleece to bead up water and help fend off any sneaky rain showers? You’ll impress all your friends when their spilled coffee rolls right off your sleeve.

  1. After washing with Nikwax Tech Wash, run a second cycle in the washer with Nikwax Polar Proof. This will add water-repellency. Polar Proof also helps inhibit pilling on polar fleece!
  2. Dry as the care label allows. Nikwax waterproofing products do not require heat to activate, so you can hang dry or tumble dry as needed.

There you have it! Now your fleece is sparkling clean and ready to fend off any errant storms or wayward pumpkin spice lattes.



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