Adventures Without LimitsRecently we announced our partnership with the non-profit Adventures Without Limits (AWL), an organization dedicated to using the outdoors as an experiential learning tool to enhance the lives of youth, families, and adults with special needs in the greater Portland metropolitan communities. We will provide ample supplies of product to the non-profit throughout the year to help the organization maintain their gear and equipment.

AWL uses an extensive amount of gear that experiences high use and rough wear, which also requires frequent maintenance, including washing. Partnering with us will help enable the organization to maintain and treat their gear, increasing its function and prolonging its life.

“A partnership with Nikwax is a perfect match for us as a non-profit,” says AWL executive director Doug Knighton. “Our gear tends to have rougher usage than average and is washed every time it is used, so wear and tear is much faster than normal. Having an ample supply of Nikwax products on hand enables us to treat our gear and lengthen its life, which will help us lower our replacement costs and keep our gear looking great and functional.”

AWL was founded in 1995 in response for a need for year round, adventure-based activity for special needs youth. They provide adventure trips throughout the year including: rock climbing, river rafting, sea kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and more. AWL fulfills its mission by providing outdoor access to people of all abilities, social statures, and backgrounds. Additionally, the organization provides participants with the opportunity to develop new skills, enhance awareness of the natural environment, build self-confidence, and recognize personal potential. They also adapt equipment and provide additional staff-support to accommodate people with disabilities.

We are honored to partner with such an incredible organization whose mission supports enjoyment of the great outdoors to such a myriad of outdoor enthusiasts. This partnership also supports our mission of prolonging and enhancing outdoor gear in a sustainable way, resulting in less gear in the landfill and a greener, safer outdoor experience.

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