Blog readers, meet Sandal Wash.

Sandal Wash will make your sandals sparkly clean again but, perhaps even more important, it will also remove odor. Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to a special monoterpenoid (hello, grown-up word!) known as geraniol, it will also remove even the funkiest funk from sport sandals, fashion footwear and anything else you happen to wear without socks (ahem, minimalist runners, this one’s for you!).

The process is simple.

1) Get your dirty, grimy sandals plenty wet.

2) Scrub-a-dub-dub! For sandals with textured foot beds, like the Chacos pictured here, consider attacking them with a stiff bristled brush.

Use the attached sponge scrubber to scrub all over – inside and out!
Don’t be shy – get it all soapy!

3) Rinse!

4) Allow to air-dry. Remember, never rush the drying process when dealing with footwear – tuck some newspaper inside if you HAVE to get them dry quickly.

And remember, this stuff works for ANY type of footwear! Here are a few before-and-afters from the pairs I experimented with. I only wish we had smell-o-vision… then you would REALLY be impressed!!

The black Chacos BEFORE
…and AFTER
How about some stinky red ones? (I can say that because they’re MINE)
No prob, Bob!
“But what if my sandals are leather?,” you say??
Ain’t no thing, chicken wing!
“But what if my stinkiest shoes aren’t sandals, at all?”
Clean AND de-stunk. 🙂
All the minimalist runners out there KNOW that these get stinky!
Allllll better!
For any type of sandal or sockless shoes at all!

Best wishes to you in dealing with your very own sandal/stinky shoe collections! Get Sandal Wash for your very own here!

Stay dry! (and clean!)

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