Have you ever wished your gear was just a little bit lighter? Well now you no longer have to saw off your toothbrush handle or worry if all the cams dangling from your rack will once again prevent you from sending your project.

“We are so pleased to share our newest product, HE3.Direct,” said Heidi Allen, VP of Marketing for Nikwax North America, “We have finally unlocked the ability to go fast and light with a simple spray-on product.”

NEW Nikwax HE3.Direct reduces the weight of outdoor gear by up to 30%. The revolutionary technology uses Nikwax patented helium-infused polymers to coat all substances, reducing the weight of outdoor gear, no matter the material. Like all Nikwax products, HE3.Direct is PFC-Free, biodegradable, water-based, and aerosol-free. It will also be produced in bottles made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

“We listened to the feedback from all types of outdoor adventurers to help develop the correct amount of weight reduction,” says Nikwax Head of Product, Tim Pickering. “The polymer had to adhere to many different substrates, which posed quite the challenge. But in the end, we found a miracle, really, and bottled it. We also found that the weight reduction had the included benefit of reducing some abrasion between fibers and components, so it’s likely HE3.Direct will help extend the life of outdoor gear, keeping in line with the rest of our products.”

There was considerable beta testing on this new product to make sure it helped improve the outdoor experience without totally negating any effort or causing any unintended consequences. Said one product tester:

“I love using Nikwax HE3.Direct on my tandem kayak and other inflatables to keep them floating like new, while being easier to carry from the car to the lake or beach. This solution easily takes off 15-20 pounds when applied evenly and left to dry. I tried another brand’s helium treatment but it was difficult to apply and too overpowering. My kayak flew away into the wind like a lost balloon, never to be seen again. Nikwax has the perfect blend to make your gear lighter, without letting it fly away.”

Nikwax expects HE3.Direct to be available to retailers and customers soon. If you are interested in assorting this new, revolutionary product, please contact aprilfools@nikwax.com.

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