It’s almost the holidays!

It happens every year. You feel like you’ve done all your shopping but then realize, “I forgot a gift for Geoff!” Perhaps you were invited to a last-minute holiday party and need a host gift/white elephant item. Or maybe you’re struggling with ideas for your friend who seems to have ALL THE THINGS already.

We’re here to help. Here are some easy-to-find (and buy last minute) items to save the day!


Give the gift of doing something! For that friend that recently Marie Kondo-ed their life, the gift of more “stuff” may not fly. Give them an excuse to leave their freshly barren house with:

  1. A lift ticket to their local ski mountain. Get them a day on the slopes!
  2. Fancy meal experiences. A coupon or a ticket to the latest pop-up, curated dining experience, or food truck(?) will show you’re down with the latest hip, foodie trends.
  3. Sporting event tickets. Do they like sportsball? Knife-footed frozen puck slapping? Ship them off to go see their favorite team. Bonus: splurge for nicer tickets they may not buy for themselves.

Easy-to-find items for that person that has “everything”.

  1. Consumable gifts. Food, wine, beer, fancy snacks. Make your own Hickory Farms-style basket. If you’re handy in the kitchen, bake them ridiculous cookies or make your own chocolate truffles.
  2. The outdoor gift that keeps giving. Are they outdoorsy? Get them the gift that keeps their gear going! Gifting Nikwax will ensure their outdoor duds stay waterproof and ready for adventure.

    Throw a bow on it and you’re golden!
  3. An insulated drink vessel. A snazzy mug, thermos, growler, or flask will help them have both hot and/or cold beverages whenever they want.

    If you’re feeling sassy, fill it with booze!

*Panicking* I don’t know what they like!!! Or, all the stores are closed!!!

  1. Gift cards. Never fail.
  2. A charitable donation in their name. Just be sure it aligns with their values. Not everyone will be on board with your favorite, “New York Sewer Rat Foster Service”.
  3. Hand-made coupons. (We’re getting pretty desperate here.) Don’t forget to write in an expiration date! Or don’t, if you like living on the wild side.

No matter what, it’s the thought that counts. Remember that doubly, when your aunt Mildred inevitably gifts you her “special recipe” fruitcake.



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