We are excited to announce that all Nikwax product bottles will be made from 100% recycled plastic in 2020. Understanding the challenges associated with plastic, we are not only committing to using 100% recycled plastic, but our bottles will also continue to be recyclable.

Nikwax’s Historical Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

Since our founding in 1977, Nikwax has consistently been at the forefront of addressing environmental issues associated with product ingredients, manufacturing operations, and packaging. We have never used PFCs, ozone-damaging CFCs, or aerosols. We were also the first aftercare company to have a fully water-based, solvent-free, waterproofing aftercare line and are the only outdoor company to have fully balanced our historical (40+ years) operational carbon emissions by restoring forest in Ecuador.

The Current Challenge – Addressing Plastic Pollution

Plastic is a huge problem in the natural environment, affecting our land, oceans, and rivers. While plastic is an extremely useful material, its disposal is a critical issue. Publicity about the scale of the problem has been increasing as we see images of mountains of plastic garbage on beaches and floating islands of plastic in the Pacific.

“We are all horrified by the images that we see on our news feeds of plastic pollution,” said Nick Brown, founder of Nikwax. “It is abhorrent to visit a wild space and find it polluted with unnatural waste. Plastic pollution is one of the problems we CAN solve through raising awareness, recycling, using new technology, and improving regulation. We hope to contribute to ultimately eliminating the problem without contributing further to climate change.”

To help exclude plastic from nature, we can encourage a market for recycled and recyclable plastic. Nikwax’s goal is to do our part to take plastic out of the natural environment and reduce waste. Recycling and re-purposing have always been part of Nikwax’s DNA. Our extensive line of washes and waterproofers extend the life of outdoor gear and apparel, keeping it out of landfills, and allowing outdoorists to spend less on new gear and to Do More, whether that’s camping, hiking, skiing, biking, or exploring.

Nikwax’s Commitment to Minimizing its Plastic Impact

1. Reduce the amount of plastic required for packaging

2. Make it easier to recycle plastics by avoiding mixing different kinds of plastic in one item

3. Use recyclable plastic

4. Use recycled plastic

Nikwax bottles have always been made of recyclable plastic, but by committing to making bottles from recycled plastic, we are helping promote a market for recycled material.


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