How is your gear performing?


Have you been caught out in the rain and your expensive rain jacket doesn’t keep you dry the way it used to?  “Why am I soaked? I thought this jacket was waterproof!” you wonder.

Wetting out happens for many reasons.  Nikwax can help you prevent it.

The garment is dirty

Wash it!  If you are wearing your rain jacket or ski gear 3-5 times a month, we recommend washing it once a month.

The DWR is wearing off

DWR (or durable water repellency) is a finish that causes water to bead up on your gear. It’s brittle, breaks apart easily, and doesn’t last forever.

Washing it in detergent stripped off the DWR

Actually, it didn’t. It’s an old wives tale. Detergent leaves behind residue that can cover and mask your DWR, much like dirt and oils.

Thankfully, Nikwax engineers products that will prolong the life of your gear and renew it when it starts failing.

Three Steps to Gear Rehab

Step 1:

Admit that your gear might have a problem. It’s not your fault, it happens! But do know that there is a solution.

Step 2:

Always wash your gear. Tech Wash is the safe and smart choice because it is not a detergent; it will remove detergent residue, dirt, and oils and will not leave behind nasty residue. Washing your gear will also help revive the existing DWR, and will help maintain breathability so the evaporated sweat can escape. Note – for down filled products, use Down Wash instead of Tech Wash as it will safely clean the down feathers without stripping them of their natural oils.

Step 3 (if necessary):

Give your gear additional performance with waterproofing products. Nikwax makes different products for different materials so that it will perform to the best of their ability. TX.Direct is the go to choice for hard-shell jackets, while Down Proof is the best for down filled items. If you’re not sure, visit and check out our handy infographic to see which product is right for you.






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