Guest Contributor: Jeremy Benson

Your gear works as hard as you do, so taking good care of it not only helps keep it in good condition and last longer, but it also improves your experience when it functions as it’s intended to.

Of course, the simple routine maintenance tasks often get overlooked and slip through the cracks, only to be noticed when your gear starts performing poorly (and typically when you most need it to work best). Fortunately, Nikwax makes a variety of products to keep your gear in tip top shape, and using it couldn’t be easier.

Specifically speaking, gloves are often overlooked pieces of gear that require infrequent care to prolong their life and keep your hands warm and dry.

I use leather gloves almost exclusively, because I prefer the feel and comfort over synthetic materials. Some leather gloves come waterproof-treated from the manufacturer, but inevitably, that pre-existing wax or treatment breaks down and wears off leaving your leather susceptible to wetting out.

I most often experience this while climbing steep couloirs with one hand plunging an ice axe and the other pressing against the snow for balance. My tired and neglected gloves start to soak up water like a sponge and I find my hands soaked and cold when I’m about to drop into a steep run, deep in the backcountry.

Not ideal…

Luckily this problem can be avoided by regularly treating your leather gloves with Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather.

The application process is simple, and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Simply squeeze some of the wax onto the gloves and rub it in evenly with your fingers, taking extra care to really get the seams and areas showing the most wear.





Let ‘em dry and voila!

It’s like you’ve breathed new life into your favorite gloves.

Quick routine maintenance like this can seriously prolong the life of your gear, save you money, and improve your experience out in the mountains, around your property, or on the job. Nikwax makes everything you need to take care of your gear; after all, your gear works just as hard as you do, and it helps when you’re able to keep a smile on your face no matter what conditions you encounter.


Testimonial submitted by Jeremy Benson, a mountain-biking, alpine-skiing, guidebook-writing legend, who lives in Tahoe.



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