Guest Contributor: Lori LaBissoniere

My pack and I recently tested out some freshly waterproofed gear in the Wallowa Mountain range in Northeastern Oregon.

Known as “The Oregonian Alps,” this mystical region traditionally experiences pretty heavy winters.

This winter, instead of blissfully falling snow, we found rain.

Luckily, we came prepared.

As we took off with our two faithful companions (our Shiba Inu siblings, Yuki & Tajeo), the rain had already started coming down. Once we had started up the steep, lush hillside, we realized that we were entering the eye of the storm.

The sky unleashed her cold, heavy sweat on us for several miles until the mountain became too steep and slick to continue climbing. We made an easy decision to turn around and headed back down the damp slope.


Hmmmm… maybe the next Nikwax product could be a waterproof treatment for Shibas?


Once we made it back to the bottom of the trail, where we snapped this shot of the waterfall, the dogs were soaked, our hands were pruned, but our bodies had remained dry. Thanks to a preemptive cycle of TX. Direct, we were able to endure the storm and enjoy the majestic misty views of the Wallowas. If we hadn’t have treated the jackets before our trip, we would have ended up exactly like the critters…

…soaked to the bone.



Testimonial submitted by Lori LaBissoniere, an artistically-gifted, environmentally-conscious veteran of the snowboard industry, who hails from Oregon.



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