Guest Contributor: Scott Polk

I’ve been using Nikwax for several years now, and I bask in the comfort that the seasonal Nikwax rhythm brings me.

At the beginning of the season, while I’m washing my down jacket, last season’s memories flood my mind, and I’m transported back to a moment in which I was ice climbing and needed to be warm at the belay. I’m transported back to another moment where I got to the top of the skin track, the winds picked up, and I needed to bundle up during the transition for the descent.



I’m comforted by the fact that all of the sweat, dirt, and determination left in my down jacket will be cleaned and washed away with Down Wash Direct, but reminded that my memories will NEVER be washed away. Instead, they are stored deep in my mind for future day dreams.

While using Nikwax, I can reset, as I remember what I learned on the last adventure and as I prepare for new memories and new adventures. I pull out a new bottle of Down Proof and send that puffy through the treatment.

When it’s finished, I have a revitalized piece of armor that I that feel confident taking into a battle with the elements on my next climb, or using on that fresh powder day.


Testimonial submitted by Scott Polk, an ice-climbing, downhill-skiing, sales representative, who resides in Utah.



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