Guest Contributor: Colin Murchison

Those who met me during my days of traveling full-time often became acquainted with my trusty green jacket.

I’m not someone who has owned a lot of clothes, and I definitely don’t travel heavy, so when I spent upwards of $200 on a jacket, it had to become a staple in my wardrobe. Whether it was raining, snowing, or just bloody windy, that North Face down jacket went with me, and often doubled as sleepwear during the colder nights, while I was backpacking or living in a van.

Unfortunately, after hundreds of miles of hiking volcanoes, skiing scree, exploring rain forests, and chasing epic shots, my trusty down jacket started to show some serious wear.

The rips and stains didn’t bother me, but it seemed like I couldn’t walk through a puddle while wearing it, without getting wet to my core. It’s never been designated as a rain jacket, but as a minimalist, I need my gear to serve multiple purposes. In the past, if there had been a chance of precipitation, it would have been a deal breaker for using the puffy.

That’s where Nikwax Down Proof came in.

I’ve spent enough nights in my life looking up and waiting for the sun to rise, just so it can dry me out and warm me up. I needed to see some serious results if I was going to trust this jacket again, in potentially wet conditions.

Fortunately, Nikwax Down Proof did not disappoint!


It absorbed water before….but beaded water after!


I did a side-by-side comparison on the jacket, under neutral conditions, and was shocked. What began as my jacket serving as a sponge, sucking up as much water as possible, turned into beads of water dripping onto the floor.

After seeing the results, I feel very comfortable throwing it on and chasing the next adventure, instead of needing to chase a deal at the next REI garage sale!


Testimonial submitted by Colin Murchison, a photographer, world-roamer, and outdoor-enthusiast, hailing from Colorado. 



2 thoughts on “Nikwax Testimonials: “New Life to an Old Jacket””

  1. I used NIKWAX TX Direct Wash-In product for several Lululemon jackets that I wanted to give some water repellancy to. The wash in technique was easy, but what I will warn all users about, is that you MUST take off your jewellery with diamonds/pearls etc. I was swishing my products around in the washing machine for a complete coating, and following that, I noticed that my jewellery received a coating as well. I had to go to my jeweller and he had a tough time getting the rings that is a testament to just how well that coating works.

    1. Hey Alana! I’m curious as to how your jewelry found its way into the washing machine, but I’m glad to hear the TX.Direct worked well on your jackets! Thanks for sharing! – Brennon

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