Guest Contributor: Ryen Cosgro

After hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year, I thought most of my gear was done for.

My rain jacket, down jacket, and down quilt were absolutely disgusting. The quilt was especially bad, and it was stained in a special blend of dirt and slimy sweat.

It smelled of the ghosts of “a-million-farts-past.”

6 months-worth of PCT “perma-stench” was trapped in the gear.


My quilt endured many nights on the trail.


When I visited my dad in North Carolina for Christmas, I brought my rain jacket, a blue Outdoor Research Helium 2. He wasn’t too stoked when I wore it in the car, since it stunk to high heavens and was brown on my shoulders. He had some Nikwax Tech Wash back at his house, so when we got home, I tossed the jacket in the wash.

It came out darn-near brand new.

When I made back home to California, I put the jacket in the wash with the TX.Direct Wash-In waterproofing treatment, and the thing was back to being 100%!

I was so stoked with the product for rain gear! I figured your products for down had to be pretty good too, so I washed my down quilt and down puffy in the tub.

The water color in the tub was not pretty…

Using Down Wash Direct for the cleaner and then doing several rounds in the drier with tennis balls and on the “No Heat” setting, my puffy and quilt no longer smelled, and they looked to be back to their original colors. I was really surprised that your products performed that well and made my gear near-new!

I wanted to give you guys a massive thank you for making such amazing products! The quilt may as well be brand new now!! Same for my puffy and rain jacket!

I’m pretty sure you guys saved me around $600.

Y’all rock!


Testimonial submitted by Ryen Cosgro, an avid outdoorsman with a zest for life, hailing from California.



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