Guest Contributor: Colin Murchison

A favorite shoe style of mine over the last few years has been Chukkas, and more specifically, Clarks Desert Boots. I find these as my go-to casual shoe, and even wear them in more formal settings. As a Coloradan who spends most my time in the high country, my main issue with these shoes is their inability to function well in snow. From the sole, which has hardly any tread, to the non-waterproof leather, desert boots are probably more apt for, well… the desert.



In an attempt to merge style with practicality, I wondered if it was possible to waterproof these shoes enough to wear them year round.

I decided to try Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather, a water based “rub-in” wax, that actually resembles more of a cream or paste. After reading the instructions, the application process seemed as simple as can be: just rub the wax into the leather, wipe off the any excess, and buff.

After a quick rub down, the shoes were looking great! It slightly darkened the leather making them look newer and less worn-down, and it even hid many of the wear marks and scuffs.

The true test was how they would stack up to water, so here are the before and after shots while pouring a half cup of water from 1 foot away.



As you can see, where the water was soaking into the leather, it was now beading straight off!

This certainly doesn’t turn these boots into a winter hiking option, but after seeing the exceptional results with water being poured directly onto the leather, I am more than comfortable throwing these boots on my feet when there’s snow on the ground, now knowing that my socks will stay dry!


Testimonial submitted by Colin Murchison, an adventurous, passionate, photo-taking master, who hails from Colorado.



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