Guest Contributor: Brad Carson

Tent & Gear SolarProof is simply amazing!

As a resident of Colorado, I spend a tremendous amount of time in the arid, sun-drenched high-country of Colorado and the deserts of Southeast Utah. As a husband, and as a father of two young kids, I work hard to get my family into the wilderness as much as possible, and I know the importance of “zero failures” when it comes to gear.

Without a doubt, the places my family and I go have some of the most inhospitable conditions that a tent can face.

On our high-country trips in Colorado, our tents face a relentless UV pounding. They also face arid heat, coupled with daily torrential downpours, in the late afternoons.

In the desert, the UV pounding increases exponentially, and it’s paired with a wind-driven sandblasting that only places like Moab, Utah can deliver. These conditions lead to UV breakdown of the latest, ultralight fabrics, and also to reduced [failed] waterproofing.

For years, I thought I took care of my tents well enough, but they would only last a few seasons because of the tough conditions.


…along comes Tent & Gear SolarProof.



Not only does it add protection against the brutality of heat and low moisture, but it also restores the DWR (Durable Water-Repellent) finish so those afternoon thunderstorms don’t soak out the tent.  After using SolarProof, I can sense a revitalization of the strength of the fabric. As a year-round user of my tents, I make it a habit to restore and rejuvenate them with SolarProof on a regular basis.

I simply cannot afford backcountry gear failures.

This product keeps my [expensive] tents in top shape longer and delivers great value.

Thank you, Nikwax!


Testimonial submitted by Brad Carson, an IT consultant, gear-head, longtime non-profit volunteer, father, and husband, who resides in Colorado.



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