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Cleaning and waterproofing your gloves is easy with Nikwax!

Why should you take care of your gloves? Well, it extends their life and saves you money. Think about it—you don’t buy a car and never service it or change the oil! Taking care of your gloves is kind of the same thing.

How, exactly, should you clean your gloves, especially when they’re made of both leather and fabric?

Easy. Grab some Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel (seems odd, but trust us!), wet your gloves and scrub away! Rinse, and there you have it: clean gloves.

Now to the part you were waiting for: waterproofing! Use Nikwax Glove Proof for waterproofing all fabric & leather combination gloves. While your gloves are still wet, apply the Glove Proof all over. Wait a few minutes, wipe off any excess and let them air dry.

Easy, right? Footwear Cleaning Gel to clean, Glove Proof to keep ’em dry.

How frequently should you do this? At least twice a season (beginning and end), but it can’t hurt to do it more regularly.

Your hands will thank you.



3 thoughts on “How To Clean and Waterproof Fabric and Leather Combination Gloves”

  1. We have a 3 inch wide woman’s dress belt, one side leather, the other side fabric. The fabric side is smelly from long storage.
    Our dry cleaner says anything they could do would damage the leather. How can we safely clean the fabric side without damaging the leather?
    Sincere thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Jim! Being that I don’t know the extent of the smell, I can give you generic instructions, but if it’s really, really, bad it may take extra steps to get the odor out. Here goes! Wet the fabric side with water, then use a cleaner like Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel. It is safe for both fabric and leather, so if some gets on the leather part of the belt no damage will occur. Footwear Cleaning Gel comes with a scrubby sponge, so you can scrub the product in. The rinse with water and allow to air dry.

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