Guest Contributor: Mike Burnside

When it comes to protecting all of my clothing & gear from winter and the wet weather it brings, I have been trusting Nikwax products for years.

I began using Nikwax products approximately 16 years ago, when I was trying to find a better product for water-repellency, for my footwear. I tried Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof and have been using it ever since; it has done a tremendous job helping to maintain the water-repellency of my footwear, adding years to the life of my footwear as well as making protecting them a breeze!

From there, I began to use Polar Proof wash-in waterproofing for my fleece outerwear, to help maintain the water-repellency. I use the Footwear Cleaning Gel on all of my footwear, and when used in conjunction with the Fabric and Leather Proof, I have a system that holds up to any moisture I encounter.



We take our daughter adaptive snow skiing yearly; she typically doesn’t know when her ski clothing is getting wet, so it is important that we don’t have to worry about her clothing getting damp. Treating her outerwear, boots, and mittens with wash-in or spray-on products from Nikwax gives us peace of mind and ensures we don’t have to worry about her outerwear and gear absorbing water during the day. These products have worked great in that respect, allowing her to ski comfortably, and we can enjoy watching her have fun on the slopes.

Thank you Nikwax for making the products that help myself and my family enjoy our time in the outdoors!


Testimonial submitted by Mike Burnside, an ageless outdoorsman, loving father, and adventurous resident of Oklahoma. 



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