SWF ISO TRP: Single white female in search of a trail running partner for early morning ascensions of the nearest 15-degree pitch climb. Prefer someone without much baggage, save for perhaps a Nathan hydration pack for runs longer than 1.5-hours. Likes: agility, scree fields and any season other than allergy season. Deal-breakers: barefoot shoes, matchy-matchy outfits and when killer trails have paved access.

MLDR ISO MLDR: Marathoner and long distance road runner seeking fellow marathoner for training, Paleo dieting and traveling companion to the world’s renowned races. If you’re on the quest for a sub-3 hour marathon, I may be the partner for you. Prefer a big drinker (electrolytes!) and someone willing to share their iTunes library. Long distance relationship is fine, as long as we connect with Strava every day to compare runs and times.

MR ISO Non-runner Meet me: I’m a mud runner/racer who was looking for a little motivation to get some exercise when I signed up for my first mud run. Two years of cross-fit, 3744 burpees and eight rounds of my gym’s Boot Camp Class later, I’m the proud finisher of eight mud runs. I’m looking for companionship and support, but more in the way of someone who is able to hose me down after my race and drive me home without destroying the car with mud. Will consider other mud runners/racers so long as we vow to never compete in the same event.

Dean Karnazes disciple seeks fellow ultra-runner to lose sleep with. Must be mildly insane—in a good way, of course—and eschew the term “pain tolerance.” Must appreciate the finer things in life, like downing a dozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at mid-race aid stations and traveling from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney in the middle of summer… on foot… in 120˚ + temps.

5Ker seeking ex-collegiate sprinter to work on intervals together. Who are these people who say that life is a marathon, not a sprint? I’m not settling into a pace for the long haul; I’m amping it up and grabbing life by the horns—3.1-miles at a time. If you like to have your race day wrapped up before most people finish their first cup of coffee, well, maybe we should pace set this world together? Must have racing flats and a yellow and green “Pre” zip up jacket.

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