This one is for the gym rats who need to find a way to workout from home. Whatever your motivation, we’re here to help you get your workout on with some good ol’ Nikwax ingenuity. So grab your Nikwax bottle stash and create your very own Nikwax Home Gym.

The Supplies

  1. A space big enough to move in and with some ventilation! A garage, living room, or even the driveway will work perfectly.
  2. DIY barbells: Find a long broom handle or rod sturdy enough to hang weights on and tie an equal number of full Nikwax bottles to each end of the rod. If you don’t have a storage closet full of Nikwax products, gallon jugs of water also work fantastically.
  3. Nikwax BaseWash…trust me, you’re going to need it.
DIY barbell (you can use other bottles, just whatever you have on hand!)

The Outfit

Throw on your favorite workout gear or baselayers and get ready to sweat. Make sure you have good, supportive shoes as well. There will be jumping involved!

The Nikwax Circuit Workout

With your new Nikwax barbell:

  • 20 squats
  • 20 shoulder presses
  • 20 fixed bicep curls
  • 20 overhead tricep extensions


  • 10 Nikwax Core Crushers

    Nikwax Core Crusher Sequence (this is one rep)
  • Cardio! 50 skier jumps over a Nikwax bottle as fast as you can

    Skier Jump Sequence (Now jump back the other way)

Repeat 3 times


Whew! That’ll get your blood pumping! Remember to always stretch and roll-out after working out.

Laundry Time

Now that your clothes are sufficiently sweaty, give them a good wash in Nikwax BaseWash. It will not only clean your activewear but removes bacteria that causes odor build-up and enhances the wicking abilities of your apparel. We don’t want you to stink up your new Nikwax home gym!

Didn’t get enough? Here are some other fun tips to get motivated and get moving from home:

  1. Create a squat or push-up challenge with your friends and send them all a video every time you complete the challenge each day!
  2. There are loads of virtual workout apps and YouTube channels with guided sessions on anything from yoga and meditation to strength training and body pump! Some require a monthly subscription, but several are currently offering extended free trials! Check out some our favorites here, here, and here.
  3. Walk your dog, run some stairs, find a new favorite running route! Get outside and breathe the fresh air no matter the weather. If it’s a particularly wet day make sure your outer layers are clean and waterproof! We recommend Nikwax Tech Wash and TX.Direct for all synthetic outer layers or Down Wash Direct and Down Proof for your favorite down jacket.
Now go crush it!

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